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How to find a website developer to build you a good quality website!

There are literally thousands of companies, Oznet included, who would offer to build a website for you at prices ranging from $100 upwards. So how do you make sense of all of this?

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You can view an extensive range of quality development templates Here.

  • Be clear in your own mind of why you are developing a website, what are your business objectives, and what do you want to achieve. These are crucial questions and need clarity from the start.
  • Work out a business plan. What do you think the website will be worth to you, and therefore what are you prepared to invest in development to achieve the potential returns. 
  • Look towards the future, and try to build a long-term relationship with a quality developer. If you plan to provide transactional features such as online commerce further down track, you would be advised to find a website developer who can help you with such quality features eventually. 
  • As you would do with any new supplier, try to determine if the web development company has been in business for a while, and is likely to be there in a year’s time to help you with upgrades and make-overs. Your 14-year old neighbour may be a computer whiz now and can develop your initial web page today for free, but he or she may have other interests next year! 
  • Strive for some professionalism. Your web site will represent your company as much as street signage, letterhead or brochures, and should demonstrate a professional appearance. At the same time, don’t pay a fortune for slick, animated graphics and 3D modelling if that isn’t your normal business style. 
  • No matter how much you have invested in your website's development, it is of no use unless people can find you. People find websites on the Internet through Search Engines, predominately Google. Your website will not attract any traffic unless it becomes prominent on Search Engines.
  • To make your website prominent on Search Engines, your web developer must code your site appropriately so that it can achieve a high ranking. You must demand this or your online investment will be wasted.
  • It is very difficult to be objective about what you should pay to develop a quality website. There is no minimum/maximum, some web developers will set up some kind of initial website for free. But this may not meet your needs or your requirements for professionalism as indicated above. As usual, you will get what you pay for. It depends on the quality of the work and the number of pages and components which make up the website.
  • A good website is one that attracts a lot of traffic! so make yours a great one!
  • We'll be happy to give you a free appraisal for your post Covid-19 marketing, and search engine optimisation strategy.

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