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Small Business Recovery Strategies

Recession Recovery Strategies

In light of the past recession, many small business owners are taking rational steps to protect their business, such as cutting excess costs. But what else can you do? 
  • Cost cutting is not the only recession survival strategy, businesses could focus on maintaining current revenue and priming the pump for future business. Here at Oznet we are your secret weapon to get critical work done without the hassle and expense of hiring full-time staff. For example we can plan your inbound marketing, quickly and easily open up a whole new market for you in China by translating your website to Chinese, redesign your blog, or set-up a forum for your website. Here are some  ideas.

Redesign your website or blog
Use the web to generate more leads- Inbound marketing
Develop a customer database - become customer focused
Drive online traffic
Build your brand via social networking
Build your business identity
Follow up with customers
Plan your next event
Develop procedures and best practices

  • In the 2009 US election, one of the reasons the Obama campaign was able to rally an army of volunteers and voters was due to its superior use of technology. What about your business? Are you investing in the right technology and strategically using it to maximize productivity in your business? What marketing strategies are you going to use? Consider adding the following to your website:

Customer Database- stronger customer focus
Digital Marketing - Google Optimisation
Inbound Marketing- Forum, Blog, Webcast,  Webinar
Shopping Carts, Ecommerce

  • Showing your customers that you care and value their business is more important now than ever. But how can you do this effectively, and genuinely? Here's what you could be doing.

Develop a Customer Care strategy
Ask for opinions and feedback
Have your clients’ perspective in mind

  • Do you want to increase sales, but are limited by the amount of time you can spend finding, targeting, and building relationships with prospective customers? Give yourself, or your sales team, a boost. Contact us to see if we can be of any help or provide you with credit crunch busting ideas, after all we have first hand experience in surviving the dot-com bust.

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Recession Strategies for Small Business

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