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At Oznet our consultants specialise in MySQL database development. From consulting and design to complete project development, our MySQL developers use the power and flexibility of JavaScript and PHP to develop fast, interactive online database solutions for your online business needs. No project is too small for our database developers to improve your website’s efficiency and maintain competitive advantage of your online business. Our database consultants focus on delivering dynamic web solutions for small start-ups as well as large companies in Australia.

The extensive experience of our php/MySQL developers in online software implementation allows us to offer you customised database solutions that best suit your online business needs at a competitive price.

Particular areas of our expertise include:

  • MySQL Database driven websites
  • Content Management Systems -Joomla
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Ecommerce projects, osCommerce, Zen Cart
  • Database Consultancy
  • Blogs, Forums - phpBB

As well as providing dynamic B2B solutions, our consultants have a vast experience developing internet portals, server-side applications, ecommerce systems, and marketing databases!

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