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Niche Marketing and Recession Recovery Strategies

Post Covid Marketing Strategies

Is the global recession over yet? Well, not quite, if the Vaccine is successful maybe another year or two. When everyone talks about "Recession", the marketing landscape changes. Consumers begin to tighten up their budget and become value conscious. Employees become worried about their jobs. Business becomes concerned about working capital, costs, and Sales. It is certainly time to throw out the current marketing plan and start again in view of the changed economic and market conditions. Well guess what! there are strategies that you can adopt to surmount the Covid gloom and ride out the recession.

A business would essentially have to decide, in view of a post covid recession recovery, given due considerations to the company's objectives, will the business primarily adopt an offensive stance to exploit opportunities and take advantage of competitors' vulnerability, or will it take a defensive stance and maintain the status quo?

No matter what stance a business takes, it is essential to develop an effective and efficient marketing strategy. One which is cost effective and falls within what is termed as No-Cost/Low-cost marketing. To put it in a nutshell outdated marketing methods such as TV advertising, radio, print media, cold calling and mass email are no longer efficient and cost effective. The reason they do not work so well is that over time people have built a resistance to them, and they are intrusive. Niche Marketing strategies that are not intrusive, permission based and low cost, are extremely effective ( inbound marketing ) and could form the bulk of your online marketing strategy.  What Niche marketing strategies are you using in these post recessionary times?


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Niche Marketing - Recession Strategies

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