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Landing Page Design & Optimisation

What is a Landing Page?

For Most websites, the home page cannot be optimised to cover the whole website. It is then logical to have specific web pages for specific topics. In online marketing terminology, a "landing page" is where visitors end up through a search engine or by clicking on a PPC advertising banner. You might say that you have landed on such a page right now. 

Once on such a page, a "Call to Action" is required. In this case we want to design and optimise landing pages for your website to improve your Sales lead generation. If you Click Here you will be asked to submit a form and give a few details so that we can contact you with pertinent information. We will also email you our "Effective Sales Lead generation Strategies" article and a Checklist for Developing a Recession Marketing plan.

Lead generation methods that are not intrusive but permission based are extremely effective and could form the bulk of your ( inbound marketing ) strategy.  What marketing strategies are you using for generating Sales Leads?

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Landing Page Design & Optimisation

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