Backend developments.
Modern sites are searchable, offer new images on each visit, allows the user to request more information, or to post their own thoughts. Many can be updated directly from a simple panel or word-processing program. A lot of websites are datadriven, meaning that web pages are actually created on the fly, in response to the specific needs of the user. All of these functional elements are called backend elements.


  • Content Management Systems. This is the ability to update your website without having to directly edit the HTML. A robust content management system allows for documents to be prepared, edited, approved, and tracked prior to publication. Simple systems create areas on a web page that can be easily changed on a regular basis.


  • E-Commerce. Purchasing items from the internet has become more and more common. The internet allows small merchants to reach a world-wide audience, while other retailers are able to maintain huge inventories of immense variety. The simple ability to safely process credit-card transactions over the internet is where this process begins.


  • Shopping Cart. Is a way for visitors to pick out multiple items and make a single purchase at the end of the process. Shopping Carts are a good example of backend development.


  • Blogs. Blogs can be developed independently, or as part of your website. Some content management systems have blog modules. Specialised blogging software can be installed on your server, or you can use blogging services.


  • Image-rotation. Presenting new images on a rotation basis each time someone visits your page gives it a sense of life.


  • Contact forms. Most websites need some kind of contact form as a starting point for interaction between you and your site visitors.


  • Referral forms. Viral marketing takes many forms. If someone likes your site, and has an easy, one-push way to notify her friends, you've turned your visitors into salespeople.


  • Newsletters. If you have the kind of content that is updated periodically, there are few better ways to build a regular readership than newsletters. Newsletters keep you in front of potential clients, as well as keeping your current clients in the loop about your new products, services, or campaigns.


  • Online databases. Databases allow us to store, sort, search through, and display large amounts of information. Online databases bring this technology seamlessly to the Web.


  • Password protected sections. The public area of your website is a great way to serve a variety of audiences. But what if you have a membership that deserves better, more comprehensive content? Or what if you want certain registered visitors to be able to perform online actions? You may have a section of your website set aside for your own internal processes. This is easily done by creating password protected sections.


  • Downloadable files. From simple flyers to hundred page documents, e-books, music files, and even movie clips can be downloaded from websites. This is an easy way to distribute files all over the world.


  • Security. All kinds of information can be found hidden on websites. Trade secrets, proprietary programming, client credit card numbers, and every imaginable piece of personal data. Press releases have been uncovered early, strictly internal memos have been leaked, all because the internet has many ways of exposing data. If you are passing information online that is not meant for everyone, then you want to ensure you have the right level of security.

Backend Software tools provided for you FREE to create a credit crunch busting ecommerce website:

  • MS FrontPage Extensions
  • Joomla Content Management
  • Wordpress blog
  • phpBB Bulletin Board
  • osCommerce Online Store
  • Zen Cart Online Store
  • Real Audio/Video
  • SiteBuilder
  • Site Statistics
  • Gallery Photo Album
  • WebCalendar
  • Fedora Core 5
  • SpamAssassin
  • SquirrelMail
  • ImageMagick
  • Jack'scripts FormMail & much much more, FREE!

Joomla! a free feature of our web hosting plans popular with Australian clients.

Zen Cart - A popular Australian shopping cart website software

osCommerce, an Ecommerce website hosting example
Photo management system, automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning

WordPress is an easy and powerful way to start blogging

phpBB is a popular internet forum package written in the PHP programming language

Drupal CMS

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