Research and Selecting Good Keywords

Researching and Selecting Keywords to SEO Your Website


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Research Keywords to SEO your website

It is estimated that there are currently 120 million Internet users round the world. A study of their behaviour in finding websites through Search Engines reveals the following:

  • They visit a top 5 search engine and type in a word or two.
  • Then they examine the search result, up to 2 maximum 3 pages.
  • If the result does not show them what they are looking for, they will try different keyword combinations.
  • If they still don't get what they want they switch to a different search engine and repeat the process.

Research has shown that people often use phrases of 2 to 3 keywords when searching. People have come to learn that just typing in one keyword in a search will get them millions of records that they don't want to see. Therefore, they combine two or three keywords in their searches. Lets assume that a searcher is looking for an Internet Marketing consultant for his/her website. A logical search term would be "internet marketing". If one looks for this phrase at Google, the engine reports some 443 million pages and displays 10. It is highly unlikely for the users to hit on a suitable website unless the search is refined. Lets search for "internet marketing consultant". Google now reports over 1 million websites, some highly impertinent, one or two could be useful. If our searcher was in Sydney, he/she may want to find someone closer to home in which case the phrase "internet marketing consultant sydney" would do the trick.

Essentially an internet marketing consultancy also provides SEO services. The reason why they put up a website in the first place is to market their SEO consulting services through the Internet. However if their website is not properly targeted with the right "keywords" for "essential seo services sydney", it will not show up on the first few pages of SEO search results and therefore oblivious to searchers.

Selecting Keywords Strategically

    1.Think! Brainstorm! Select! Write down whatever keywords or phrases come to mind. Then see what other word combinations you could create from the keyword selection list you've written down.

    2. Look at your products and services and see what words relating to them comes up in your mind. Write the names of each product or service that you offer. These names should be part of your selected keywords list.

    3. Ask your family, associates, clients and friends what phrases or keywords they would most likely use to research for products or services like yours. Add them to your selection.

    4. Research to see what your competitors have selected as targeted Keywords to SEO their web pages.

    5. Be specific and general in scope. Think of a selection of words that describe things related to what your website is about. For example, if you sell computers, also think about other things and words related to what you sell, such as USB disks, printers, LCD screens, upgrades, other computer accessories and services. The idea here is to capture people who may be looking for other things related to computers, whether they're looking for computers or not at the time. Chances are that someone looking for any computer related information will also be interested in knowing about upgrades. Get the idea? This is a strategic way of getting more targeted traffic to your site.

    6. Don't forget about misspelled words. People often misspell words when they enter their search terms. Include commonly misspelled words or phrases as part of your selection list.

    7. If your site deals with a particular region, remember to include that in your selected keyword list. e.g. 'internet marketing sydney'  A lot of people will search for internet marketing, get a big list of returned search results, and decide to add the word "sydney" (or wherever else they may be) to get more specific search results.

    8. Use the long and short form of words, e.g. consultant, consultancy and consultation when targeting keywords.

    9. DON''T SPAM! Don't select keywords that have nothing to do with your Website. Don't use the keyword "sex" or "free pics" if they don't have anything to do with your Website just because they're frequently searched for . You'll only get traffic that is of no use to you anyway because people will come to your site and leave angrily when they realise you just wasted their time. Also, search engines are on the lookout for such deceitful practices and can sometimes ban your pages for Spamming. As long as your keywords selection relates to your core business, you will be fine, but don't go out of line.

    10. Now it's time for some research. You need to look at what people are actually searching for on the various engines and get more phrases for your selection list. When selecting your keywords, remember people often misspell words, they use different word forms, and they may be looking for a lot of different stuff all related to your products. You can use a keyword selector tool to find out keyword lists and how popular they are.

Research Keywords Beyond what's obvious

    1.When Researching for keywords, don't just only consider selecting the keywords that initially jump out at you. These are the logical keywords that everyone will target first. Give yourself permission to research for keywords that are less logical and even boring little words (that most people take for granted as having no value). In some of the most common phrase clusters and expressions you might find gold.

    2. Learn how to pay attention to your customers when they talk to you about what is important to them. We often communicate differently when we talk than when we write our Web pages. Sometimes there are very revealing things in words that we would never consider exploring the data on. Take time to research all of your ideas based on actual communications with your clients.

    3. Think of "keywords" nearly as though they were "topics of interest" and consider selecting topics that might have more appeal to your audience.
    4. Remember that there is no such thing as exploring a wrong word. The biggest challenge people have is that they never take time to explore anything beyond the words that "make sense" to them. If you think like everyone else, you will discover exactly what everyone else has discovered. Explore alternatives and synonyms that others have not EVER bothered to check and you will find things that have not been discovered by others. 

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