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Example of a Drupal Site

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Drupal corporate Blog

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Drupal / Flash combination

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Flash website

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Example of a Drupal Site

Example of a Drupal Site, Click image to view

Zen Cart design, Sotware Vendor

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Makeover & Redesign Business Image

Making sure your web site, business cards,  and other branding materials are up-to-date, well designed, and presented should be on your priority list this year, with special emphasis to the following:

Company Image
Has your business the right image to reach your target audience? Do you have a corporate video yet?  Do you feel that your business image needs a makeover? We could do a visual audit. A designer from Oznet could review your business image and propose new approaches and designs based on your ideas and business objectives. 

Your Company Logo
Prospective clients usually make a first impression of your business looking at your logo.   Is your company logo professionally designed? Your logo should stand out, and be memorable. A logo representing your brand is a must.

Website ReDesign
Your website is a window into your business. Prospective clients looking for information about your products and services are likely to look at your website before making a purchase decision. Your website is globally accessible and has to be easy to use. Your website needs to strike a balance between good design and simplicity, your clients will appreciate a great design, however they need to be able to navigate freely within your website. A  visually appealing website redesigned with your current products and product information will impress your clients and get better results. 

Credit Cards AcceptedBusiness Cards and Compliments slips
Business cards and With Compliments slips enhance the relationships you have with your clients. Sending thank you notes on generic cards, or uninspired business cards means that your brand will not get noticed.

Oznet can give you a second opinion about your business cards and other stationary. We will review your existing material and redesign if necessary to your exact standards. Boost client confidence with a new, redesigned look .

Marketing Materials
When you send out any information to a client, it should be accurate and up to date. The visual design is also important, emails, flyers and newsletters that you send out should be pleasing to look at and easy to follow.

Business Branding Managment
We help Companies promote, protect and maintain their Brand reputation online, gaining value and expanding market share for their products and services. more...

Social Media
Social media sites act as word of mouth. Because the information about your product is being put out there and is getting repeated, more traffic is brought to your company website. ..more

Talented Oznet designers are available to review, update, and design all your marketing materials.

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By Phone: 0425 286 233

We are only a phone call away! Contact us today for your free consultation to find out how we can help with your business image makeover in the most cost effective way.

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