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Manage your Domain's DNS 
DNS Management via cPanel
Although your domain can remain inactive and un-delegated, using our DNS management service you can activate your domain and personalise your email and web services. You can manage Zone data file and MX records via cPanel. You do not need to be web hosting with Oznet nor in Australia to activate this service.

When might you need DNS Management?
You will have better control if you manage DNS for any of the following situations:

  • Host your website in-house
  • Manage your Mail Server in-house
  • Activate sub-domains
  • Use Canonical Names (CName)
  • Change Mail Server MX (Mail Exchange)

In Australia, with ADSL services becoming ever popular providing decent bandwidth, a large number of Australians now have in-house computers which they can utilise to host their website or use as in-house mail servers. A static IP address is required which your ISP can provide.

Pricing: Free Set-up, $99 Annual fee.

Register your Domain with us, or if it is already registered, re-delegate it to our Name Servers as follows:
Primary Name Server: ns1.aust1.com
Secondary Name Server: ns1.myoznet.com

Click to order cPanel DNS Hosting

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*Name Server : A computer that has both the software and the data (zone file) needed to resolve domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers

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