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Practical guide to start-up a small business online

A practical guide to start-up an
Online Business

Welcome to eCommerce@Oznet a Resource Centre for developing a business website. This site will explain - in easy terms - how to make the most of online development, marketing and Internet tools available for your ecommerce start-up in Australia.

More and more Australian small business owners have turned to the Internet to raise profits by adding eCommerce to their existing business. Whether you're looking for help in starting an online business, or looking to better manage the growth of your existing e-business; this site was designed to help you quickly develop online strategies to improve business growth potential.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available on starting up an eCommerce web site. We have created this site to help you decide what products or services you need and how you can enhance, grow and manage your business online over time.

Choosing a name for your online business - We explain the background behind Domain Names (Australian & International), how to find a name for your website, and how to register a domain name for your exclusive use in Australia.

Building and finding a home for your Web site - If you are not a technical whiz you'll need some help building and growing your business online. We cover different avenues available to help you get started.

Accepting payment for what you are selling - Now your Web site is online and your products are available to the world. You want to be able to accept credit card payments and make people feel comfortable when they give you their credit card information online.

Making sure you can collect your money - Fraud is a nasty word for Small Business in Australia and something that can cause your business to lose money. Here we cover some of the ways you can lower your risks while doing business online.

Promoting your web site - No matter how good your site looks, you are not going to grow your e-business if people don't know about it. Here we explain some of the Social Media Optimisation tools for Small Business.

Internet Marketing strategy - Your website will not get many visits if you are not ranked amongst the top 30 search results. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to put Google Ranking Optimisation on top of your Internet Marketing strategy? 

Market Your Small Business Online - Can people find your website easily? Are you ranked highly on Search engines? Are you Marketing through Social Media? Find out how.

Company Image Makeover - Has your business the right image to reach your target audience? - Do you feel that your business image needs a makeover? Visit our Business Startup page.

Social Media Marketing - Everything you need to optimise your Social Media pages: Brand Exposure, Niche Targeting,Social Media Templates, Media Marketing Campaigns, Optimised Traffic, Social Media Training Visit our Social Media page.

Marketing Online with Better Results More and more Australian small business owners have gone online for marketing their products. Going online by itself does not guarantee any success for a SME, a website requires promotion and recognition. People must be able to find it first before they do any online business. This page will help you decide what marketing services you need and how you can enhance, grow and market your small business website over time. Your online marketing efforts only need be as expensive as your budget allows. For those of you with limited marketing budgets, you will be surprised at how effectively we can devise online promotion tactics despite your financial constraints.Visit our Business Startup page.

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