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Accepting payment for what you are selling

Accepting payment for what you are selling

Now your business site is up and your products are available to the world. You want to be able to accept credit card payments and make your customers feel secure when they give you their credit card information.

This is probably the most important part of running your Online Business. Many studies have shown that consumers still feel very uneasy about buying products over the Internet. Consumers have several fears including having their credit card number stolen, having their personal information disclosed to other third parties, and ordering and paying for goods but never getting the delivery of the goods. In order to combat these fears you should make your  business site secure and clearly state the privacy policy of your site.

How do you make people feel secure and protect their sensitive credit card information? This is usually done using a Secure certificate. The digital certificates provided by Oznet have two main features, secure sessions and authenticity.

Secure Sessions

Web certificates provide a secure channel by which consumers can transmit personal information such as credit cards to Internet merchants. The Web server certificate will provide an encrypted session between the consumer's browser and the merchants eCommerce site. Using this feature, no one else on the Internet can read or obtain the credit card or personal information passed between the two parties. This secure session is sometimes referred to as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is the accepted industry standard for providing an encrypted session between a browser and a site.


Digital web certificates are also used to "authenticate" an Internet site. What does this mean? When someone comes to your site they want to know they are not dealing with an imposter. For instance, if you want to buy some books on the Internet you may want to buy from amazon.com. But when you connect to www.amazon.com how do you know you are dealing with them and not someone else who has set up a replicated Internet site to steal away their business? Web server certificates provide authentication that you are really dealing with the party you think you are dealing with. When GeoTrust, a global leader in Public Key Infrastructure products, issues a Web server certificate to an Internet merchant, the following steps are taken to verify that they are who they say they are:

  • The articles of incorporation are checked

  • The ownership of the domain name they are using is checked

  • Verification of the contact names provided in the Web server certificate application

So, when you encounter an Internet site with a GeoTrust, Web certificate you know they are the real thing.

For more information or to buy a web certificate, go to our site secure.oznet.com.au

Once you have made the sale, and the consumer has provided you with their credit card, you need to make sure you can collect your money.

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