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ecommerce business hosting solutions

Build and find a home for your Small Business Website

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  • Services and Resources, 
  • Ecommerce solutions for small business.

Unless you are an expert designer you'll need help building your eCommerce website. Here are some suggestions on how to get started.

Ecommerce Service Providers (ESPs) are a key resource that can help you develop and maintain your business website. You can use an ESP (OZNET) to help you design your eCommerce site, run the computer that will host (run) your eCommerce Business, and get your business connected to the Internet so that other users can access it. You can also choose to do any of the above yourself, but most people have their eCommerce site hosted at an ISP where it can be connected to the Internet cost effectively.

Building Your eCommerce Website

When building your Online Business you have the option to:

  • Design the site yourself using page editor tools such as Adobe PageMill or Microsoft FrontPage. With these tools it is fairly easy to build a beginner  site, but once you move beyond the "Do it Yourself" (DIY) rudimentary stage, software products to support eCommerce solutions require a great deal of skill & customisation.

  • Design the site using automated ecommerce software ( see our Online Store Showroom ). This type of software will help guide you through the process of building your online shop.

  • Hire a designer company that specialises in Web Design and eCommerce (OZNET), or choose from Web Design Packages for Small Business, see our page, find a good web site developer, or visit our website showroom.

Running Your Online Business

Hosting an eCommerce website you can either:

  • Have your PC hosted and connected to the Internet by an ISP. If you own the PC this is typically called "co-location hosting". You own the PC but it is stored and runs at the ISPs location.

  • Have the ISP do everything. They buy the PC and run it at their location. Here you also have several choices.

    • Share a PC with many other web sites - this is called virtual hosting.

    • Have the ISP provide you with a dedicated machine just for your business - this is called dedicated hosting.

Once your new website is online, you need to figure out how to accept payment for what you are selling. Visit  Accepting Credit Cards .

The online business solutions offered by Oznet help you build your business on the internet. Our services include domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, website design, and search engine marketing services.

Visit our Design pages for detailed explanation of website building tools and the Hosting pages for attractive and comprehensive online business solutions.

SEO for Google - Your website will not get many visits if you are not ranked amongst the top 30 search results. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to to put Google Ranking Optimisation on top of your Internet Marketing strategy?

Customised Database Consultancy that best suit your online business needs.

Particular areas of our expertise include:

  • MySQL Database driven websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Ecommerce projects, osCommerce, Zen Cart
  • Database Consultancy
  • Blogs, Forums - phpBB 

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