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Email service for expatriate Australians
Personalised email services for Australian Expats
More Australians are now working off-shore than ever before, and according to DFAT, services are most likely to become Australia’s strongest growing sector in global trade in the next few years. It is estimated that there are now close to one million "off-shore Aussies" living and working overseas.
  • Australians living off-shore (expatriates, EXPATS)
  • DFAT employees, stationed off-shore overseas on Diplomatic missions or trade missions.
  • Australian citizens working with NGOs off-shore
  • Australian citizens employed overseas
  • Australian students on working holiday programs

If you are living overseas at the moment and plan to return to Australia sometime in the future, the following service is of benefit to you.

Lets say, at the moment you operate local email accounts which will cease to exist when you disconnect your phone & close your account with the local ISP. You would like to set up email forwarding accounts so you can slowly change over your contact details from where you are.

The purpose of having a redirected email is that if you change
Internet service provider your email stays the same. This is how it works: You register a domain such as yourdomain.com 
You now have the ability to designate various emails such as, yourname@yourdomain.com or mandy@yourdomain.com etc.

Our redirection service will forward your designated emails such as yourname@yourdomain.com to the email address your ISP has given you. Currently this could be something like bruce23@emirates.net.ae and when you come to Australia your Australian ISP will give you a new email address.

The advantage is that you are not stuck with an ISP because of your email address. Your email is in effect controlled by you and can be sent/forwarded to any POP account including gmail and hotmail.

Keep a permanent Email Address

For a $55 annual fee we can redirect all email addressed to your domain such as info@your-name.com.au forwarded to hotmail, bigpond. Oznet, or any other ISP’s valid email address. You do not need to have an ISP subscription with Oznet, as long as you have a valid email address, we can activate this redirection service.

Pricing: Free Set-up, $55 annual fee including GST

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