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Web & URL redirection- Cheap hosting alternative
What is Domain redirection
Most ISPs in Australia provide some free web space for subscribers’ use. For example if you are a Bigpond user your free address could be Using Oznet’s domain redirection service we can map your domain name to this free space. That is if you have a domain name registered, such as or we can redirect your domain name to point to your ISP’s free web space. If you do not have a domain name registered, we can register one for you.

This service is commonly known as domain redirection, URL redirection, or web forwarding. It is also known as domain or URL pointing. No matter what name you call it, the benefits are enormous.

Make your web address (URL) easy to remember
Instead of typing a long string of characters, users just type in your domain name to get to your page. Instead of having to change your web address every time you change your provider, you can now keep one web address (your domain name) which you can redirect to any URL you like, this means big savings on the cost of printing your business cards and other stationery.

Manage Multiple Domain Names
If you have multiple domain names registered to your business, we can redirect each to the same URL.

For example: you could have an Australian domain name and an international domain both domains redirection to the same URL.

Cheap alternative to web hosting
redirection is immediate, so your visitors won't experience any additional loading time to your website.  Domain redirection does not "cancel" the old address of your website either. You can still access your page with the old address (URL) or by entering your domain name. You will also FTP new pages the same way as you currently do. You will save heaps on web hosting charges by using the free site your ISP provides.

We must however Register the Domain for you, or if it is already registered, re-delegate it to our Name Servers as follows:

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:

Pricing: Free Set-up, $55 annual fee including GST

Order your Redirection now and get Email redirection absolutely FREE. All emails sent to forwarded to your present email address.

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