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A Small Business Mentoring Session

Business Mentoring, Coaching & Support

Global ecommerce markets are now accessible to small business thanks to increasing Internet access, making it increasingly viable to live on a rural surrounding while conducting business via the Internet. New tools and business mentoring services have created many easy and low-cost entry-level opportunities for Small Business and "Online Entrepreneurs".  Relax, and sit back as we explain our services in small business mentoring, incubation, coaching and support.

Small Business Mentoring

At Oznet we have mentored business opportunities for small business since our inception in early 2000. If you are interested to go online for the first time, or aiming to broaden your business reach by introducing eCommerce services, our business mentoring and incubation service is right for you.

We have expert business mentors who are ready to "leapfrog" you ahead of the mainstream while your e-Business is registered with our incubation services. We can say that our mentoring and support service has played a large part in the development and growth of our clients.

Small Business Incubation

The Internet-incubtion concept is a simple one: typically, we the incubator take dot-com start-ups that are little more than an idea and give them a home on the cyber space. 

Oznet offers online business incubation programs to Small Business and Internet Entrepreneurs to help accelerate successful start-up of ecommerce and entrepreneurial ideas. There are over one billon persons online today, and we bring this market within your business's reach. Along the way we will support you and provide mentoring services if needed.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Apart from business mentors, we also provide other Online services for your business. These include:

  • Business Marketing
  • Business Hosting
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Business Web Design

Coaching, Consulting & Business Support

Ecommerce Update from the Economist Magazine: The world Internet population will hit two billion by 2015, mostly from developing countries such as India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and China. We believe in developing a close long term relationship with our clients that is mutually beneficial. At Oznet we are well placed to provide you with consulting and business support to get you started online.

Contact us to find out how our Business Mentoring and Incubation service can tap you into this vast market. 

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