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Email Forwarding
Email Forwarding

Your email address changes if you change your ISP. For example if you change provider from Bigpond to Optus, your previous email such as yourID@bigpond.com.au will no longer be valid and you will be assigned an address by Optus such as yourID@optusnet.com.au. This can be a nuisance, especially if you have business cards and stationary printed with your bigpond address.

You can overcome this problem simply by registering a domain name such as your-name.com or your-name.com.au. This will establish you with a permanent online identity. You now have three choices.

  1. Establish email forwarding
  2. Establish email and web forwarding
  3. Establish virtual web hosting

Email Forwarding-  Keep a permanent Email Address

For a $55 annual fee we can redirect all email addressed to your domain such as info@your-name.com.au forwarded to hotmail, bigpond. Oznet, or any other ISP’s valid email address. You do not need to have an ISP subscription with Oznet, as long as you have a valid email address, we can activate this service.

Pricing: Free Set-up, $55 annual fee including GST

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Email & Web Forwarding
Same as above, the fee actually includes forwarding your domain name to a URL of your choice. This could be the free hosting space provided by your ISP.

Pricing: Free Set-up, $55 annual fee including GST

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Virtual Web Hosting
The above services are fine if your website does not get much traffic, or you do not need extra features such as secure SSL. However if you have a business website, then you would need a more professional approach. You would need to establish enhanced creditability with prospective clients by hosting your site properly rather than having a forwarding service in place.

Hosting prices start at A$27.50 per month and you get a massive amount of disk space and monthly traffic allowance for that price. See our Web Hosting Pages for more detail.

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