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Subdomain Forwarding to websites at sites.google.com 
If you have a site located at: http://sites.google.com/site/YourSiteName/
and you have your own domain name, we can DNS manage and create a CNAME so that your site is mapped to a subdomain such as mysite.mydomain.com

Log-in to your Google site http://sites.google.com/site/YourSiteName/
Click on the "Site Settings" link at the top of the screen
Click on the "Web Address" tab
Enter the Domain address you wish to re-map your site to (example.yourdomain.com.au)
Click the Add button.

Google restricts mappings to subdomain level only like www.example.com, wiki.example.com, or support.example.com.
if you want mapping to the actual domain use our web forwarding service.

Click to see examples below:

Cheap alternative to web hosting
This mapping does not "cancel" the old address of your website. You can still access your page with the old address (URL). You will also create new pages the same way as you currently do. You will save heaps on web hosting charges by using the free site offered by Google.

We must however Register the Domain for you, or if it is already registered, re-delegate it to our Name Servers as follows:

Primary Name Server: ns1.aust1.com
Secondary Name Server: ns2.aust1.com

Click for full DNS Mangement

Order your Redirection now and get Email forwarding absolutely FREE. All emails sent to whatever@you.com.au forwarded to your present gmail address.

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