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Marketing a Small Business, practical strategies!

Welcome to our Business Consultancy page for marketing a Small Business online. Here we explain the tools available to market and grow your SME website.

More and more Australian small business owners have gone online to raise profits. Going online by itself does not guarantee any success for a SME, a website requires promotion and recognition. People must be able to find it first before they do any business online. We have created this page to help you decide what products or services you need and how you can enhance, grow and market your Small Business website over time.

  • Marketing your Small Business Website

    No matter how good your site looks, you are not going to grow your business if people don't know about it. Here we explain some of the online marketing tools available to promote your site. Our Marketing Consultants assist your small business to expand it's reach. Marketing a Small Business Online
  • Permission Marketing

    Powerful online subscription and eMarketing membership system for delivering Newsletters to enable your small business to maintain a very personalised marketing list. Email Management, Permission Marketing
  • Internet Marketing strategy

    Your website will not get many visits if you are not ranked amongst the top 30 search results. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to put Google Ranking Optimisation on top of your Internet Marketing strategy? Our SEO Consultants will see to that. SEO tips for Google Optimisation
  • Company Image Makeover

    Has your business the right image to reach your target audience? - Do you feel that your business image needs a makeover? Ask our consultants for a visual audit. Website Redesign, Company image makeover
  • Recession Marketing

    Cost cutting is not the only strategy for your business, make your website an integral and essential part of your business strategy. Recession Marketing Strategies
  • Video Marketing

    Videos will make your business stand out while communicating your marketing message to your niche customers. Video Marketing,  Web Video Production
  • Search Engine optimisation SEO

    You have to ask yourself this: "Can I afford not to have my products and services readily available to the fastest growing market in the world? What strategies do I need to implement to become prominent online to search engines and tap into this growth market ?" Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

    Through social networking sites, you can have conversations and interactions with individual followers. This personal interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and your potential customers. Also, by choosing whom to follow on these sites, your products can reach a very niche target audience. Social Media Marketing

In Addition the following will also help market your website and promote your products and services effectively.

  • Chat Room, Blog, Forum - Oznet specialises in Internet chat room installation for websites, and other applications such as forums and blogs. We provide 'off the shelf' or 'customised' solutions in accordance with your specific consultancy requirements. Custom Chat Rooms

  • Paid Subscription Management - Have paying members take out subscriptions, Get individual members to buy access to specific web pages (courses), Automate recurring subscription payments. Membership Management

  • Landing Pages - We design effective Landing Pages for better Lead Generation boosting online Sales. Our Marketing Consultants have extensive experience on Landing Pages for Small Business. Landing Page Design and Optimisation

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