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Rails!  An Australian favourite, a hosting feature at Oznet

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Ruby on Rails - RoR: 
Often referred to as just "Rails" or "RoR", Ruby on Rails is an open source web application system for the Ruby programming language.

Ruby on Rails embodies several tools intended to make program development tasks easier.

Websites designed by RoR have a refreshing look, RoR has also gained extra popularity since the twitter.com website uses RoR applications.

RoR Hosting at Oznet Provides:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability, 99.9% uptime since 1998
  • Excellent value, starts at $27.50/ month
  • Fast efficient service
  • Customisation and Support 

N.B. Ruby on Rails is NOT a free feature of all our hosting plans, please email We offer ADSL, DSL & ISDN access for faster connections. for clarification.

Use the Menu on the left to choose the plan that best suits your requirement.

RoR is one of the most popular Open Source web development applications

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